Can Exercise Truly Help Fight Chronic Diseases

Over the past few years, technology has taken over the world and our lifestyles in a major way, causing us to become increasingly sedentary and dependent. While these technological advancements and improvements have made our lives easier and less time-consuming, they have also proven to cause a major decline in our physical activity which, in turn, has played a major role in the declining of our health. 

If you are living with a chronic disease, physical activity and exercise can have a very positive impact on your health, because regular and moderate intensity exercises reduce overall body fat, weight, and hidden risks for most chronic diseases.  According to numerous studies, exercising regularly is necessary to increase the quality and longevity of life. Additionally, various studies reveal that physical fitness and exercise reduce the risks associated with asthma, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, bone disease, obesity, and a number of other prevalent chronic diseases. Incidentally, “chronic disease is defined as an incurable illness or health condition that persists for a year or more, resulting in functional limitations and the need for ongoing medical care.”

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “chronic diseases have become the leading cause of death and disability in the US, accounting for 70 percent of the deaths in the United States.” After reading numerous studies and interviewing various health care workers, exercise cannot be stressed enough as its effects are also beneficial for psychological health, and consequently, can reduce depression and anxiety. The effects of exercise on psychological health and chronic diseases may not seem relevant especially if there are no signs of ailments, but it has major benefits over time. Regular physical exercise for healthy living involves only about 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on at least five days of the week, or 20 minutes of vigorous exercise at least three times per week. Teenagers should engage in at least one hour of exercise daily

Research advocates one of the key causes of muscular dysfunction is credited to physical inactivity. Two of these muscular dysfunctions are low-back pain and knee injuries. We can’t negate the benefits of maintaining muscular fitness, joint strength and structure, joint functioning and bone health. Being physically active can reduce the chances of falling and fracturing as one becomes older as well as for people suffering from arthritis.

In short, regular physical exercise helps to improve the lives of adults and younger folks…  Consult your physician before starting an exercise plan so that you can get all the “goods” and unfortunately, possibly “bads” from the doctor. It’s always good to know what the doctor suggests in terms of level of intensity, possible side effects, recommended exercises that are most suitable to your situation, and any precautions that should be followed.

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I love the idea of exercising for healthy living and practicing good eating habits. However I would love to introduce good spiritual food as a means of good and healthy inclusions to healthy living as well. As we feed the body we must also feed the spirit, so eat well and don’t forget to eat your spiritual veggies too…


    Amen, Uncle Mike, you are spot on and I’d love for you to discuss more about good spiritual food as a means of good and healthy living. Praise God for you and introducing your wonderful spiritual comment.

    Much love my Dear Uncle,



I have a chronic disease called asthma. I found that physical exercises on a regular basis helps to improve my conditions tremendously. This article is very good and helpful. I do believe that when a person become spiritual learning bible principles how to improve their relationship with god then you will also learn what we should do to improve our health and wellness. Once again I really like reading these helpful tips! Thank you


    Thank you Sis, Wonderfully stated! I am so happy that you are on a regular exercise plan and that you do find that exercise helps your asthma. Also, I agree that spiritual learning and bible principles improve relationships with God. Thank you sincerely for sharing. Visit my Facebook page at:


    Healthy Living Made Easy

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