How to Know If You’re in a Loving Relationship?

How to Know If You’re in a Loving Relationship?

The promise of a new romance can be exhilarating. You can’t get enough of each other and spend all your time together. You and your mate have a lot of things in common and share many new experiences together. However, how would you know if you’re a loving relationship and not just in the heat of a honeymoon phase? These are some of the tell-tale signs:


Are you both able to speak freely without the feeling of being judged? Can you talk about any topic and have a good laugh? Experts say loving relationships are built on solid communication wherein both are actively listening and talking. This means not one controls the conversation but it is a two-way street. It is also important that you can be open and honest with your partner. There is no fear or manipulation involved wherein there are no half-truths. You should be able to speak your mind without offending and at the same time listen without defending. This helps in showing how you truly care about each other’s feelings.

Love Yourself

Do not expect your partner to complete you or satisfy all your needs. This will only lead to disappointment. Remember, you are your own person and you complete yourself. This also means that you continue to do your own thing and are having fun while apart. You may have lots of similarities with your partner but you still have your own life. Think of it as your partner as icing on the cake, you’re a whole person with or without them. This is strongly connected to your self-identity. The relationship exists to nurture and improve the “self” in any partnership.

Inspire Each Other

Loving relationships means being able to motivate each other become better persons. This is achieved when both of you support each other’s pursuits and show a keen interest in one another’s activities. Being supportive can be as simple as being a listener when one partner is going through a problem. One can also act a cheerleader, giving each other praise and compliments. Significantly, inspiring each other is one of the greatest ways to tell if one is in a loving relationship because both strive to bring out the best in their partners.

It’s More than Physical Attraction

There has to be a connection between you and your partner long after you’ve gotten past the physicality. The mind and spirit connection is the unexplainable spark in your relationship. For example, you finish each other’s sentences or you can sense quickly if something is bothering your partner. In this way, you know you have a deep love for each other that is more than instinctual attraction.

Dream Together

Being able to envision with your partner such as your future together is a tell-tale sign you’re in a loving relationship. This means your life goals are in sync and that both of you are passionate in achieving them. Sharing your dream builds a lifelong bond with your mate that also illustrates your commitment to each other. It is a sure sign that your love will stand the test of time.

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Hi Linda,
I love what you shared on your blog,it true there are tell tell signs, both positive and negative. One thing that is omportant in relationship development ishonesty. Hoesty with yourself as well as with others. Also paying attention to the type fruit the otherperson bares, because you know them by the fruit they bare….

Blessings all,

Pastor Michael


Thank you Pastor Michael. I agree wholeheartedly. What an amazing relationship, one would have, filled with unconditional love, respect, honesty and God Almighty front and center.

Much Love,



Thank you Linda for sharing the article. I appreciate every single paragraphs that talks about how to know if you are in a loving relationship. There awesome and informative. Thanks again I will work on what I’ve read in my relationship.


    You are most welcome, Sis!!! Please let me know of any articles you’d like to see on my blog.


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