Healthy Living Made Easy

Healthy Living Made Easy believes that healthy living is based entirely on consistency. If you want to turn your life around and start being healthy, you absolutely must choose nutritious foods and drinks, or you’ll never make it. By sticking to a consistent, healthy diet you not only create an opportunity to lose weight, but to improve the overall quality of your life.  Healthy Living is easier than it seems, and is within everyone’s reach thanks to the vast spread of knowledge attributable to technological advancements. Healthy living is a long-term commitment, and it takes everyday care and practice in order to live healthy, but a healthy living repetition today will lead to a healthy life tomorrow.

1. Get to Know Yourself

In order to achieve healthy living, first know your current health. Make an appointment with your family doctor and dentist to get your bill of health, and if necessary take any immediate measures accordingly. Also, consider gauging your physical activity, food intake, mood and energy so that you may identify any unfamiliar symptoms like depression, anxiety, weight-gain, fatigue, and such.

2. Exercise more

Physical activity is essential in order to maintain a healthy living. It doesn’t necessarily have to be vigorous exercise; and exercising can be made fun. For example, you can go on a hike or a walk with friends, take dance or karate classes, swim classes, or any other physical activity that you enjoy doing with your friends. Next, record your activities so that you can see your progress and stay motivated. Setting a daily or weekly goal also helps to build confidence and keep you motivated to exercise.

3. Maintain a Balanced and Healthy Diet 

A balanced diet cannot be stressed enough when it comes to healthy living. Having a generous intake of vitamins and minerals will definitely keep you healthy; that said, consume small portions of good healthy nourishments so that you get all sorts of nutrients that your body needs. For this, go grocery shopping and stock your pantry with more healthy snacks like fruits and nutritional bars so that when hunger “hits like a ton of bricks,” you’re not as tempted to snack on almost whatever you set your eyes on, i.e., chips, cookies, etc. Additionally, when eating or preparing to eat, concentrate on just that – eating your food and eating it slowly as this practice helps increase metabolism as well as leaving you with a sense of satisfaction and fullness, instead of the alternative, unsatisfied and believing that you need more.

4. Get proper sleep 

Sleeping helps the brain to relax, leaving you fresh for the next day. Sleeping also burns calories, magnifies strength and gives the body time to relax. Getting a good night’s sleep and if possible, an afternoon nap here and there, is underrated. The benefits of proper sleep is infinite in my opinion.

5. Take a break from technology 

Even though technological advancements have made life easier than ever, technology has also become the cause of various ailments like fatigue, eye-sight complications, stress, just to name a few. It’s essential to limit technological use; though if you must engage in technology more than an average 8-hour day, make it a health affair. For example, while watching TV, walk on a treadmill or involve yourself in any exercise that you can do while watching your favorite TV show.  Healthy living is easier than it seems. It just takes commitment and a goal in mind!!!

Exercise Programs

Another integral piece to the puzzle that is living a healthy life, is finding an exercise program that works for you. At first exercise will be hard and taxing, but if you find something you know you can do and stick to it, it will start getting easier and easier. Once you have a healthier mind and body, Healthy Living Made Easy suggests you try other exercises and change up your regiment.


According to Merriam-Webster Nutrition is defined as the process of eating the right kind of food so you can grow properly and be healthy.

Eliminating Stress

There are many forms of stress; but here we want to touch on financial stress as this affects your pocketbook, and it can also have a huge impact on your health and your interpersonal relationships.  How many times have you heard someone say “I’m SO stressed out!”  We can sometimes become overwhelmed with the pressures of this world today. Those pressures cause stress and anxiety, and often we are just not prepared to deal with those stressors that trigger anxiety and other feelings that can make us sick. Literally, sick.

Healthy Relationships/Dating

Finding true love and maintaining a clean healthy relationship is not an impossible task.  Have you often wondered why one person has the clean healthy relationship and the other person has the opposite? Healthy Living Made Easy believes that you need to have lots of virtues like affection, love, respect, patience and trust to be able to do that. We have highlighted some of the features that healthy relationships need to be healthy: Truth and honesty, Forgiveness, Friendship, Patience, Passion, Communication, Monogamy, Equality of the Sexes, and Economic Responsibilities.

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